Heterodyne Boys Play at Marcon

I will be helping out with a production of The Race to the West Pole, a Heterodyne Boys play that I wrote a couple of years ago.  It will finally debut this May at Marcon, a science fiction convention in Columbus, OH, where Phil and Kaja Foglio will be Guests of Honor.  (More info: http://marcon.org)

The Heterodyne Boys are a creation of Phil and Kaja Foglio, introduced in their web comic Girl Genius (http://www.girlgeniusonline.com).  In that world, theater troupes perform stories of the legendary Heterodyne Boys, such as when they raced to find the West Pole.  (Further info: http://girlgenius.wikia.com/wiki/Heterodyne_show)  The details are not shown in the web comic, but I took what was known and elaborated.

The show is being produced by The Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company (aka i Verdi Confusi, or the Confused Greenies).  I hope you’ll have a chance to see it.